Ajwain – Whole, 100 g


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Ajwain is one of the main herbs in Indian cuisine which gives out a hot pungent flavour. It has a strong flavour which goes well with any Indian dish especially North Indian dishes. Slightly bitter in taste with a distinctive taste, BB Royal Organic Ajwain are procured carefully from farmers, sorted and packed with care so that the nutritional value remains intact.

Ajwain seeds are known to be rich in necessary oils, especially thymol which gives a flavour and smell similar to thyme. The seeds are used as laxatives and works as a fine appetizer. People suffering from nausea can find relief after having a small amount of ajwain. The seeds are known to work wonders on abdominal tumour, mouth diseases and indigestion.
  How to Use

Ajwain seeds are known to be one of the staples for dal tadka which is a popular North Indian delicacy. It can be mixed with sugar or honey and chewed to cure indigestion. To make the concoction sweeter and more effective, fennel seeds can also be added.
This item: Ajwain - Whole, 100 g
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